Our basic tunnel is 20 feet long but can be augmented to fit your needs. Our tunnel even includes the railing for the walkways. We can even make them to fit in your semi-trailer.

THE SPINNING TUNNEL The best SPINNING tunnel on the market, all lightweight steel construction. Easy assembly, MAXIMUM vertigo effect and our rings lock in the wheels, others ride on top of the wheels. $8000

TILTING TUNNEL The first and only tilting tunnel on the market, want to add a great addition to your tunnel, our bridge tilts and adds to the vertigo effect your customers feel. They always say the bridge move this one really does. $10,000

TILTING WALKWAY ADD-ON Already have a tunnel; we can supply you with a tilting bridge to fit your existing tunnel. $3000

GLOW LINER Our pattern on the liner glows in the dark with no UV lighting needed, simply charge the liner with regular light for 10 minutes and the glow lasts for 12 hours. It’s a great effect with no lighting in the tunnel. $200 addition

REPLACEMENT LINER Need a new liner or want to put one of our liners on your tunnel; we can supply you with a liner to fit any tunnel. $1500